​Willo as an artist is the First Born in a marriage of the Spirit between Afro Pop, highlife and Hip Hop. 
He remains an adventurer on the journey of self realization, born in Nigeria and groomed in Europe, his music and its act breathes the Nostalgia of a lost Child with a split identity and yet searching for a way home.
Infused with the hunger to keep reaffirming his heritage
to himself, he chose to convey his songs in multi lingua
of Igbo, and Nigerian pidgin complimented with impeccable English.

He is currently stationed in Eindhoven after living in Austria and Valencia in the past 2 decades, and that’s of course before the beginning of his days as a Lagos born, Aba bred, Ibadan and Owerri groomed teenager in Africa’s most populous nation Nigeria.

He grew up listening to Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, SHAI and of course Fela Kuti the Afro Beat Legend and Oriental Brothers.

He is always creating songs with vocals expressing the realities of life,  and is consistently  weaving songs on borderlines of multiculturalism as he keeps re-inventing himself and the sweet-sad memories that has haunted the rap artist all these years of living in Diaspora.

The Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer’s  first official single ‘’HMMM’’ dropped under his TBav Records and is being rated 5 stars by pundits and friends.
He will be dropping his official singles, while preparing to drop an album.
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